Purpose Program

In foreign countries, what is usually thought of as common sense in Japan is something not commonplace happens.
Through this program, I hope that you will be able to absorb foreign cultures and mentality, change even a little existing concepts, have lots of wonderful experiences and become a bigger person as a person.
I hope the children who participated in this program will be irreplaceable in the future as you can think that “I have this myself this experience is very big.”

Global Standard
– Talent who can be active in the world ~

In addition to soccer training, in addition to providing international exchanges including international exchanges and languages, aiming to cultivate human resources who can also be active in the world based on cherishing your own roots and identity .

Program contents

Study Abroad / Expedition Program

From elementary school students to adults, we will organize programs with individuals and organizations according to their needs.
In order to have good experience overseas, this program will only provide minimum necessary support for traveling.
It is aimed at preparing for traveling and simulating the things expected when actually arriving at the site and proceeding with their own feet.

Language / Communication program

It is a program to master living language.
Even if you understand many vocabulary and grammar, it does not make sense unless you can use it as a communication tool.
While aiming to acquire knowledge on how to contact foreigners and acquire methods of self-assertion, we aim to “acquire useful languages that can be heard and talked”, while at the same time trying to improve communication skills.
Interest in Japan by overseas people is very high. In addition, there are many Japanese-Americans and Japanese who were born and raised overseas, and we will support such people to make their lives in Japan fulfilling.

Accepting from Japan abroad

Interest in Japan by overseas people is very high.
In addition, there are many Japanese-Americans and Japanese who were born and raised overseas, and we will support such people to make their lives in Japan fulfilling.


Cologne (North Rhine-Westphalia State
Köln Nordrhein-Westfalen

It is the fourth largest city in Germany, after Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.
The city spreads on both sides of the River Rhine and is a city of students including the towering Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) in front of the central station which is also a symbol of the city, the oldest and largest university in Europe, Cologne Sports College and others .
As neighboring cities, Bonn about 25 km south, Leverkusen 10 km north and Düsseldorf 35 km north. In addition, Cologne is the center of Rhineland’s main culture, with more than 30 museums and more than 100 museums, exhibits from contemporary Roman ruins, contemporary paintings and sculptures and a wide range of exhibits.
At the Köln Messe located on the east side of the River River, many trade fairs such as arts, games and food relations are held.
In the city of Cologne, there are strong clubs such as Fortuna Cologne and Victoria Cologne in addition to 1. FC. Cologne, and within 1 hour by car, there are clubs such as Dortmund, Leverkusen, Borussia MG, Fortuna Düsseldorf, Bochum and other strong clubs It has access to the base where the base is based, and it is suitable for football environment.

Schedule (Sample)

Fc Glauna Tour

Voice of participants

Naria (6 years old)

Travel destinations: Cologne, Germany

Period: 21 – 30 August 2016

I was looking forward to going to Germany and I really enjoyed going. Anyway, it was fun to see the game of Dortmund vs Mainz.
I have seen the game even in Japan (J League), I was amazed at how excitement it was when I decided the goal was totally different.
In the homestay, the host family devised the words and I was able to cooperate with the other two participants and understand it. As the coach said that you could do anything with friends, if you go abroad next time, one wants to make friends.
Different soccer, I was amazed at how tall his height was. And I felt that the body became stronger naturally while competing with the children, I felt weak around the local teammates.
This time, the coach who organized the world standard program, Jimmon Coach who took us to various places, the host families who put us in and thank you very much.
I also want to go to Germany.
Performed in August 2016 (Cologne, Germany)


梁 秀誠 Yang Susung

UEFA class B license possession

[Language] Japanese, Korean, German, English