Glauna Football Academy Terms

Article 1 Name
This football academy is referred to as the Glauna Football Academy (hereinafter referred to as the book Academy).

Article 2 Location
The Academy has its principal office in 4-12-2 Negishi, Taito-ku, Tokyo.

Article 3 Purpose
The Academy aims to nurture and disseminate young generation soccer players, and to contribute to the development of local communities.

Article 4 Entry qualification
Applicants who join the Academy shall have the following conditions.

1. Those who agree with the purpose of this Academy and can comply with these Terms

2. Persons who are in good health for sports

Article 5 Entry Procedure

Those who wish to join the Academy shall fill out the necessary items in the prescribed entry documents.
A person who fills in the items described in the preceding paragraph and who accepts the admission that the Academy meets each condition of the preceding article, joins the Academy (hereinafter referred to as Academy student as a member of the Academy).
Article 6 Membership Fee

Academy student pays monthly membership fee according to selected course.
Academy students pay the monthly fee for the current month by the 3rd of the month. However, if the same day falls on a bank holiday, it shall be paid by the following business day.
The Academy can change the amount of admission fee, membership fee etc.
If membership fee etc. are changed, we will promptly notify Academy student to that effect.

Article 7 Return of membership fee
The membership fee paid already shall not be refunded unless there are special reasons.

Article 8 Interruption
1. If you wish to abstain for more than a month from the Academy due to unavoidable circumstances, you must notify it by the 20th of the previous month.

2. The holidays can only be done on a monthly basis.

3. In principle, the period of absence shall be within 2 months. Provided, however, that this shall not apply if the School accepts for unavoidable reasons.

4. The monthly membership fee of the monthly off month shall be half of the regular monthly fee.

Article 9 Withdrawal

Academy students who wish to withdraw will have to notify in a predetermined manner by the 20th of the previous month of the requested withdrawal month.
Even if you decide to withdraw in the middle of the month you have to pay the membership fee for the month you requested to withdraw. If there is any unpaid money, it must be paid by the date of withdrawal.
Academy students withdraw from the last day of the month offered of withdrawal or at the end of the month the academy wishes to withdraw
If you re-enroll after your withdrawal, you must pay the admission fee and the monthly fee again.
Article 10 Amendments to Academy students
Academy student shall promptly notify the fact according to the prescribed method, when there is a change in the description matter at the time of enrollment procedure such as address, contact address etc.

Article 11 Loss of qualification
The Academy may expel the member if the Academy student or his / her guardian has the following reasons.

When we hurt the honor of this academy, or there is an act which becomes extremely troublesome to other members
When you violate the terms and other terms
Membership fee, other payment has been delinquent for 3 months or more, even if you receive the dunning from the Academy but you do not receive payment by the date specified by the Academy
In addition, there is an act to make the disposition appropriate, when the Academy resolved it
Article 12 Account liability

Academy students shall act at their own responsibility in accordance with the provisions relating to the facility use and facility managers and staff in the exercises, games and training camps participating in or participating in the Academy, and activities accompanying them , Violating this, even if a theft, injury or other accident happens, we will not demand any damages for the facility, the Academy and the staff.
 Academy students must participate in the insurance designated by the Academy.
Article 13 Closure and closure
Changes in natural disasters, changes in social circumstances, and other events that make it difficult to continue to operate ordinary academies, the Academy can be closed or closed.

Article 14 Use of photos and images
Pictures and videos taken of the Academy’s activity scene may be used for the homepage of this Academy or other promotions, Academy students and their parents consent to this.

Article 15 Treatment of personal information
The Academy strictly treats it in compliance with laws and regulations and based on a separately defined privacy policy.

Article 16 Revision of Regulations and Detailed Regulations

The Academy may revise these Terms as necessary. After revising this agreement, after notifying the contents of this agreement, it is deemed that you have agreed to the revised contract.
Matters not specified in this agreement, as well as bylaws of rules etc., shall be determined separately by the Academy.
Article 17 Entry into effect
This Agreement shall be effective from April 1, 2016.