Based on “dribble” “pass” “first touch” “spherical” based on personal skills and tactics focused training, we also incorporate a lot of coordination training necessary for each age.


※Instead of doing training, it creates a situation where pressure is applied close to the actual battle (match), and guides you to always be able to do training at 100% regardless of whether it is good or bad.

Mizuno Futsal Plaza Senju

Mizuno Futsal Plaza Senju

Sekiya Machi19-1,Senju,Adachi-ku,Tokyo
3 minutes walk from Sekiya Station (Keisei Line)

Mizuno Futsal Plaza Senjuoohashi


Midori Machi1-3-45 Senju,Adachi-ku,Tokyo
5 minutes walk from Senjuoohashi Station (Keisei Line)

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